Measuring noise from ships underway


SHIPNOISE – Mätning och utvärdering av buller från fartyg

In the project SHIPNOISE we have developed a measurement station for both airborne and underwater noise from ships underway. The airborne noise levels indicate that there is a risk to exceed recommended indoor low-frequency noise limits for dwellings positioned up to several hundred meters from the passing ships, although the effect on public health is uncertain
The underwater noise recorded at the SHIPNOISE measurement locations is strong enough to have an environmental impact on harbour porpoises, fish and also to some extent on invertebrates. During ship passages, thresholds for several different effects are exceeded. Harbour porpoises, herring and salmon are likely to avoid or escape the area when a loud ship passes. These effects are far more common at Böttö than at Lurö. Cod reproduction is also likely to be affected, again more at Böttö than at Lurö. The noisiest ships may even cause temporary hearing damage
to porpoises at Böttö.

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Författare: Anders Genell, Torbjörn Johansson, Carl Andersson, Dag Glebe, Amma Sara Krång
Utgivare: IVL
Utgivningsdatum: 2023-09-30
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